Have you been charged with drunk driving?

Driving is a tremendous privilege and responsibility, which is why serious driving-related mistakes such as drunk driving are taken so seriously by the courts. Drunk driving puts you and everyone else on the road at serious risk of harm, but even if you do not hurt anyone, you could be facing consequences including high fees, time in jail, and the loss of your license. Trust our 30 years of experience to defend you.


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Don't let them decide your future

It may seem easy to just let your charges stand as they are and take whatever consequences may arise. This is a bad decision. A strong defense may be able to minimize your consequences, protect your driving privileges, and guard your freedom.

Let us defend you against your charges



• Felony DUI

• License reinstatement

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Ignoring a driving charge is not going to make it go away and not presenting a defense could result in worse consequences. Call us to schedule a FREE initial consultation so we can evaluate your case and start building an aggressive defense that shows your side of the situation.

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